Rob and Bernadette and My First Blog Ever

I get a lot of inspiration from looking at other photographers work whether it is weddings, portraits, sports, or somethign creative in nature. For almost two years I have been maintaining my web site, trying to include newer photos, while removing some older content.

When I am on another photographer's site, I always end up looking at their Blog page. Their current content let's me explore what they were thinking when capturing that moment - were they sticking to their "style" or trying something new.

Rob and Bernadetta asked me to shoot their "Holiday Card" photos late last year. Midway through the shoot, Rob pulls me aside and says he is about to surpise Bernadetta with a marriage proposal. Not sure who was more nervous at that time, Rob asking for Bernadette's hand in marriage or me being ready to capture that moment.

Fast forward to the end of this July, I had the honor and privledge to capture their wedding day. It was a beautiful affairs filled with family and friends in the mountains of New Jersey. Bernadette even overcame her fear of height and made her way up to the top of Mountain Creek on the gondola for some great photos.